Lithuanian Irons VENOM PS-2 Professional Tattoo Power Supply


Professional Tattoo Power Supply for Coil and Rotary machines „ VENOM PS-2 “- its a new generation power supply. Smartest, the most powerfull and comfortable power supply ever produced.

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VENOM PS-2 Professional Tattoo Power Supply

  • Color graphics display
  • Displays all machine parameters (Volts, Hz, Duty, FT, Amps).
  • More than 20 special display designs
  • More than 10 background and text colors
  • Changable screen fonts
  • Create your own unique style of display and save it to one of 3 memories
  • Turn on/off display parameters
  • 2 menu languages: English and Russian
  • Adjustable menu browsing speed
  • Adjustable sound options
  • Possibility to connect 2-machines simultaneously, choose the machine by pressting one button. Very comfortable when using different cords like RCA and Clipcord.
  • Up to 10 machine memories for every machine input
  • 3 pedal modes. 1 – momentary, 2 – „Trigger mode’’, tattoo machine start running from the first press of the pedal and stops on the second, 3 – no pedal mode, turn on / off the machine by pressing one button.
  • 2 timers – active and total.
  • Coil Mode – Standart mode for coil machines
  • 3 Rotary modes !!!! Slow Rotary – recommended mode for rotary machines. Smoothly accelerates machine motor, it increases motor lifetime. Normal Rotary – classic mode, for rotary machines. Machine motor starts immediately without acceleration. Boost Rotary – special mode, for rotary machines that needs boost start. This mode increases starting voltage up to 5 or 12 volts depending on selected. The only one power supply in the world that shows rotary machine speed (hits per second).
  • Machine Analyzer – special function for Tattoo Machine Builders works as oscilloscope. Diagram shows momentary value of current with all peak values on the color screen.
  • Anodised black alluminium body
  • Laser engraved front, side and rear panels
  • Leg with silicone gloves and magnet
  • Dimensions: height with leg: 13cm, Length: 15cm, width 6cm
  • Output power: 1,5-20V / 3 A.
  • Maximum DC output current – 3A, peaks up to 6A. Gives much smoother machine running without losing its power.
  • Step value 0,1 Volts
  • Adapter Input Power: 100-240~, 50/60Hz, 0,7A
  • Weight with adapter: 830 grams!
  • 1 year warranty
  • To feel all the power of Venom, recommended to use high quality Clip Cords and RCA cords.

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