Cheyenne Hawk Magnum Soft Edge Needle Cartridges



Available options:

13 Magnum-se

13 Magnum-se-bp

15 Magnum-se

15 Magnum-se-bp

17 Magnum -se

17 Magnum-se-bp

23 Magnum-se

23 Magnum-se-bp

27 Magnum-se

27 Magnum-se-bp

7 Magnum-se

7 Magnum-se-bp

9 Magnum-se

9 Magnum-se-bp

Safety Cartridges by Cheyenne are synonymous with innovation, hygiene, and safety. These cartridges have a unique build and a patented safety membrane that set them apart from other cartridges. The elaborate sterilization process and hands-on quality inspections by experienced experts ensure hygienic and safe operation. Safety Cartridges are available in 56 different configurations.

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Cheyenne Hawk Magnum Soft Edge Needle Cartridges

11-magnum-se, 11-magnum-se-bp, 13-magnum-se, 13-magnum-se-bp, 15-magnum-se, 15-magnum-se-bp, 17-magnum-se, 17-magnum-se-bp, 19-magnum-se, 19-magnum-se-bp, 23-magnum-se, 23-magnum-se-bp, 27-magnum-se, 27-magnum-se-bp, 5-magnum, 7-magnum-se, 7-magnum-se-bp, 9-magnum-se, 9-magnum-se-bp


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