Revolution Straight Liner needles


  • Regular needles grouping, with Long and Medium Taper
  • Used to thicker lines
  • The grouping is more open than the Tight Liner because the solder is 6.5 mm
  • Medium is primarily used to taper thick lines
  • Medium taper allows for more contact of the needle with the skin and so deposit more pigment
  • Long Taper is mostly used for classic lines
  • Long Taper allows you to work longer on the skin without causing trauma
  • 100% use of all needles were inspected!
  • high quality needles

Regular loose grouping of medium and long taper. Used for regular bold (fat) lines. Grouping is looser than tight liners because the soldering is at 6,5 mm. Medium taper commonly used for classic and bold (fat) lines. Medium taper allows more needle contact with skin to deposit more pigment. Long taper commonly used for thin lines (Top seller). Long taper sharpness allows to work more time on skin with less trauma

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