Silverback Ink TH1RT3EN grey wash Medium 4oz (120ml)


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Silverback Ink TH1RT3EN Grey Wash Medium 120ml

Silverback Ink® TH1RT3EN Medium Grey wash stays between the light and the dark three grey washes in the Th1rt3en Grey Wash Series. The viscosities and surface tensions of these tattoos inks are completely different to what Silverback Ink® has made in the past. Black Th1rt3en has a good body, fully coats the needle when tattooing. The 3 Shade Grey Wash tattoo inks are based on Silverback’s best-selling grey washes (2, 4 and 8). Experience closer healing shades with less “heal out”. Easy to wipe off the skin and goes in as easily as it wipes off. Perfect for any tattooing styles. Tested and certified for the EU. Vegan friendly.

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