Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Drive (Black)


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Cheyenne Hawk Spirit Drive – Black is the only motor drive you can buy separately, but does not work without the original Cheyenne grip. Please note that it is not compatible with Cheyenne Flex and Fixed grips, which are manufactured and only compatible with classic coil machines.

Cheyenne Hawk Spirit is a professional rotary tattoo machine, a second version of the famous Cheyenne Hawk model. Spirit is not exactly designed for advanced lining due to its lower power compared to the previous Cheyenne Hawk Thunder and Cheyenne Pen models, but its softness is perfect for shading and coloring.

This machine provides everything a tattoo artist needs. Its simplicity and lightness mean even beginners appreciate it. The main advantages of the machines are: high power, vibration-free silent operation, low weight, fast and simple needle change, perfect tattoo color integration into the skin without difficult machine setup (compared to traditional coil machines), elegant design and resistant materials.

Instead of traditional tattoo needles, this machine uses over 50 kinds of sterile disposable cartridges. Using this machine saves you from cleaning tips and grips after tattooing, sterilization and other additional costs.

Cheyenne Hawk and its PU1 power supply are certified as a medical product – unique in the tattoo industry. Cartridges are made from Lexan medical plastic and certified as medical products as well. It is made in Germany.

The machine, which can be combined with a grip, is available in five different colors. Cheyenne tattoo grips are made in two widths: 21mm and 25mm.

Warning! The use of fake cartridges will immediately void the two-year warranty!

Technical specifications:

  • stroke: 3mm
  • puncture depth: up to 3mm
  • weight: 120g
  • voltage: 5V to 12V
  • frequency: 50Hz to 150Hz

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